This contest ends tonight!

I can’t stress enough how much I want to win this contest! Escape the Fate is my favorite band of all time and I really appreciate it if you could click this link and click the box next to my picture at the top of the page! Also reblogging this would help me out so much!
Only 2 hours left to vote I believe!

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Please share and vote for my photo!

This is my favorite band and I want to win this contest so bad! It’ll mean a lot if you guys could help me out!

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I want to crawl in a hole and not come out for a long time.

Tired of work, tired of disappointments, tired of this life..

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Please vote for me!

My birthday is tomorrow and it’d be lovely if you guys could vote for me! ETF is my favorite band and I wanna win this contest so bad!

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I’m so happy to be back on here.

I haven’t had this laptop in over a year and a half I think (it crashed and I thought I lost everything) Up until recently my uncle worked on it for hours to make it work and somehow he fixed it! 

Unfortunately the battery on this sucks because I used it so much in the past, now it has to be plugged in at all times until I get a new battery I guess. 

~so grateful~ 

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(by Y-Control Photography)


(by Y-Control Photography)

  • 1. selfie
  • 2. what would you name your future kids?
  • 3. do you miss anyone?
  • 4. what are you looking forward to?
  • 5. is there anyone who can always make you smile?
  • 6. is it hard for you to get over someone?
  • 7. what was your life like last year?
  • 8. have you ever cried because you were so annoyed?
  • 9. who did you last see in person?
  • 10. are you good at hiding your feelings?
  • 11. are you listening to music right now?
  • 12. what is something you want right now?
  • 13. how do you feel right now?
  • 14. when was the last time someone of the opposite sex hugged you?
  • 15. personality description
  • 16. have you ever wanted to tell someone something but you didn't?
  • 17. opinion on insecurities.
  • 18. do you miss how things were a year ago?
  • 19. have you ever been to New York?
  • 20. what is your favourite song at the moment?
  • 21. age and birthday?
  • 22. description of crush.
  • 23. fear(s)
  • 24. height
  • 25. role model
  • 26. idol(s)
  • 27. things i hate
  • 28. i'll love you if...
  • 29. favourite film(s)
  • 30. favourite tv show(s)
  • 31. 3 random facts
  • 32. are your friends mainly girls or guys?
  • 33. something you want to learn
  • 34. most embarrassing moment
  • 35. favourite subject
  • 36. 3 dreams you want to fulfill?
  • 37. favourite actor/actress
  • 38. favourite comedian(s)
  • 39. favourite sport(s)
  • 40. favourite memory
  • 41. relationship status
  • 42. favourite book(s)
  • 43. favourite song ever
  • 44. age you get mistaken for
  • 45. how you found out about your idol
  • 46. what my last text message says
  • 47. turn ons
  • 48. turn offs
  • 49. where i want to be right now
  • 50. favourite picture of your idol
  • 51. starsign
  • 52. something i'm talented at
  • 53. 5 things that make me happy
  • 54. something thats worrying me at the moment
  • 55. tumblr friends
  • 56. favourite food(s)
  • 57. favourite animal(s)
  • 58. description of my best friend
  • 59. why i joined tumblr
  • 60. ask me anything you want
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Escape The Fate

Hey everyone please go vote for my picture it’s the first one on the page! I would really appreciate it. ETF is my favorite band and I’d love to win this contest! 

Thank you<3 

July 1, 2014 / 5 notes

My friend got Evan to pose for me, isn’t he adorable!!! Feel free to reblog but please do not repost without my permission. :)

what a cutie. :3
meeting him went by too fast D: 


My friend got Evan to pose for me, isn’t he adorable!!! Feel free to reblog but please do not repost without my permission. :)

what a cutie. :3

meeting him went by too fast D: 

Please vote for me!

All you have to do is see my photo and click the little box to vote for me! It’ll probably ask you to log into Facebook in order for the vote to be valid. So i would greatly appreciated if you voted for me! ETF is my favorite band and I would do anything to win! 


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